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Experienced Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney in New Market, VA

Are you struggling with residual problems following a motor vehicle collision? Don’t walk away if someone else caused the wreck. They should be held accountable for their actions. Goss & Fentress is experienced in winning automobile accidents across New Market, VA and the nearby cities. We fight for our clients, ensuring they’re awarded the highest compensation possible.

Our firm has been recognized as one of the top personal injury and motor vehicle accident firms for more than 30 years. We set the bar high when it comes to representing our client. From the initial consultation until a settlement is reached, we will be there during every step of the process.

Automobile Accidents

Every year, automobile accidents affect millions of people. All it takes is one reckless driver to change your life forever. Injuries from motor vehicle collisions range from minor to fatal. No matter the severity of your injuries, Goss & Fentress wants to make sure you get monetarily compensated. To win your case, we gather the facts. Some of the evidence we present may include:

• Photos of the accident scene and photos of your vehicle.
• Testimony from eye-witnesses who were at the scene.
• Accident reconstruction experts who will help determine fault.
• Expert witnesses, including medical doctors and highway engineering professionals.

It’s our goal to prove what caused the accident. Many times, distracted driving, intoxication, or sleepiness lead to motor vehicle accidents. In other instances, miscalculations may be to blame. Regardless of the cause, we will seek compensation on your behalf.

While most accidents are directly caused by the recklessness of the other driver, some are indirectly caused by poor road management. Incorrect signage, poorly marked lanes, and damaged roads may all lead to an auto accident. If this is the case, we will go after the responsible parties to ensure you are compensated by them.

Injury Accidents

Here at Goss & Fentress, we also represent victims of personal injury accidents. Whether you were injured at someone else’s property or while working in dangerous conditions, our firm knows how to build a case in your favor. We won’t stop until you’re awarded for all eligible monetary damages, including lost wages, medical payments, and long-term suffering. We go the extra mile for all our clients.

Social Security and Disability Benefits

Getting approved for SSI or disability benefits is not a simple task. The government makes it as difficult as possible for victims to get awarded these benefits. When you need the help the most, you will most likely be denied. Here at Goss & Fentress, we recognize that this is unfair to you. If you’ve been denied by the government, we can help. Our legal firm is highly experienced in overturning Social Security denials.

Every client gets individualized service here at Goss & Fentress. No two cases are alike, and that’s why we take the time to customize our approach for every client we serve. You’re guaranteed to always receive personalized care from our lawyers and paralegals. We maintain an open-door policy for our clients in New Market, VA, so you’ll never be left in the dark about the progress on your case. Call us today to speak in depth with our legal team.

Understand the Simplicity of Rural Life in New Market, VA

Located in Shenandoah Valley, the city of New Market, VA is very well known for its historic roots. During the Civil War, a few battles were fought in the city. However, the battle that is most noted was the Battle of New Market. This was the last major battle won by the Confederate Army during the war. It happened on May 15, 1864. Since many of the soldiers who fought in the battle were students from Virginia Military Institute, current students march the 85-mile battle site to commemorate the Battle of New Market every year.

Today, the rural city of New Market, VA is home to about 2,200 residents. The cost of living is relatively lower than the national average. The crime rate in the city is also almost non-existent. Those looking for a safe place to raise a family should look no further. The rural, small-town feel of the city is perfect for families of all sizes. Manufacturing and construction remain the two most popular industries. While the median income is lower than in other parts of the state, housing prices are still more affordable here.

Many people in the city rely on the money that is brought in from tourism. While it’s not the most popular tourist spot in the state, many tourists do frequent the area each year. Those visiting New Market, VA for a history lesson need to visit the Virginia Museum of the Civil War. The museum houses many original artifacts from the Civil War, including those from the Battle of New Market.

Another must-see is the New Market Self-Guided Walking Tour. The tour takes visitors throughout the city, showcasing many of the historical architecture that remains standing. Tourists will learn about the history of each building, while viewing the simplistic craftsmanship of the original German settlers who lived in the area. From the Civil War to today, New Market, VA is truly a sight to see.