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Our Kettering, Maryland, attorneys can assist you with your social security disability appeal

Whether your SSI claim has been denied or under review for too long, it’s time to contact Kettering, Maryland attorneys so that you can file a Social Security Disability appeal. The battle isn’t over – let us make sure your SSI claims get the attention they deserve in order to ensure your well-being. 

Social security benefits are regularly reviewed, so our first piece of advice is to not assume there’s nothing that can be done. Firstly, your benefits will not stop immediately (usually, you will still receive two month’s benefits, which is enough time to speak to an attorney to file an appeal). 

What to do before you file an SSI appeal

If you feel the decision to revoke your benefits is wrong, then you need to book a consultation with Maryland-based attorneys immediately.  You will usually have the opportunity to meet with a representative from the Social Security office. Our team of experienced attorneys can brief you on how to represent your case so that your needs and disabilities are properly communicated to this person.

If your benefits are still revoked or denied following the initial meeting, you will be entitled to meet with the Administrative Law Judge. At this point, one of our attorneys will be with you for the social security disability appeal as you are now allowed to have legal representation.

An SSDI appeal doesn’t have to be a frustrating process. Book a consultation with our team of social security disability appeal attorneys in Kettering, Maryland, so that we can help you with your case.