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Personal Injury Insurance Claims

We have handled many claims for personal injury against all of the major insurance companies. In Virginia and North Carolina, where a lawsuit is filed, the other driver or person at fault is named as the defendant in the case, however for practical purposes in many ways the claim is against the insurance company which insures the person at fault. In handling such claims we are familiar with the strategies and tactics of these insurance companies in the handling of personal injury claims, and we can help advise clients how best to deal with the insurance company. In most instances we handle all dealings with the insurance company on behalf of our clients, and limit the ability of the insurance company to have any direct contact with our clients.

We can bring our knowledge and experience in dealing with insurance companies to bear on your behalf in making sure that recovery is sought from all potential sources of insurance coverage. We can help clients navigate the different types of insurance and insurance coverages, such as liability insurance, health insurance, medical expense coverage and lost wage reimbursement coverage. We also help clients in dealing with lien or reimbursement issues, such as where a health insurance company has paid for a person’s medical treatment from an accident and expects to be reimbursed from any recovery obtained by the injured party in a personal injury claim.

For Personal Injury Insurance Assistance Call Us

At Goss & Fentress, PLC we have handled many issues involving insurance coverage issues, and if you have been the victim of the negligence of another and are dealing with an insurance company, or an insurance company is contacting you, please give us a call as may be able to assist you.