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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcycle Accident Attorney North Carolina

We have handled many cases involving injuries to motorcyclists in Virginia and North Carolina. Accidents to motorcyclists often result in very serious injuries, including fractures, road rash, injuries to internal organs, and in some instances traumatic brain injury, or TBI. In many instances, the facts will show that the driver of another vehicle simply failed to keep a proper lookout and failed to see the motorcycle, and as a result the collision occurred and the motorcyclist was injured.

Under the law drivers of truck and automobiles are under the same duty to keep a proper lookout and to notice motorcycles as they are other vehicles on the highway. When personal injury cases involving injuries to motorcyclists go to trial, jury selection can be very important, as some persons may have a bias against motorcycles and motorcyclists, and accordingly it is important to try to avoid jurors who may harbor such feelings.

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