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Dog Bite Attorneys

Dog Bite Attorney

Dog bites and dog attacks can often give rise to a personal injury claim, especially when there is an injury to a child. Factors that can play a role in determining liability may include the breed of the dog, whether the dog has a history of prior bites or prior aggressive behavior, and whether the dog was on a leash or had been allowed to run lose. Some breeds of dogs may be considered to be inherently dangerous, such as pit bulls, Dobermans or Rottweilers. The local office of animal control may be an important source of information about past problems with a particular animal.

In many municipalities there are laws about keeping dogs on a leash or under the control of the owner or custodian of the dog, and violation of such a law can give rise to liability. Dog bites can lead to infection and often result permanent scarring or disfigurement requiring the treatment of a plastic surgeon. Another important issue may be whether the owner or custodian of the dog has homeowners or renters insurance.

Hire Us as your Dog Bite Attorney

At Goss & Fentress, PLC we have handled many cases involving dog bites to children and adults, and if you or a family member has been the victim of a dog bit or dog attack, please give us a call as we may be able to assist in the handling of the claim.